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Our Values

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The Customer is the Hero

We always begin by understanding your needs so we can aim to add value. We work to educate, equip, and empower you for a safer and enjoyable crypto journey. We want you to reach your goals and thrive, with a full understanding of where you are heading.

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Strive to Simplify

We provide elegant solutions for every level of crypto user experience by: reducing complexity, removing unnecessary steps and barriers, and eliminating noise. All while maintaining high standards in serving you. We embrace simplification not as a goal to achieve, but a process of constant improvement.

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Dig Deeper

At COINEX, we look below the surface for true understanding – beyond the what and into the why – to break new ground. We embrace intellectual curiosity and attention to detail. Our teams look deep so they can guide our users with confidence.

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Take Ownership

We’re accountable for our actions: once we commit to something, we work tirelessly to deliver the best possible outcome. We own our successes as well as our mistakes. That determines how we show up: in team work, in user interactions, and through our industry presence.

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Keep Exploring

We choose adventure over status quo: proactive, flexible and open to change. COINEX creates and operates at the frontier of financial innovation, expanding to new territory but without destroying the old. We explore responsibly, never recklessly, and always strive to be prepared for what’s next.

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